Windowlink – Safety Link Concrete Mounted Anchor

What am I used for?

An anchor point designed for use in concrete structures where the eyebolt will remain concealed until needed for use.

  • For use in concrete structures.
  • Must be chemically fastened.
  • 316 Stainless steel construction.
  • Multi-directional fall protection.
  • Single person anchor.
  • Rated at 15kN.
  • Fall arrest and rope access anchor.

SafetyLink’s patented WindowLink is an anchor point used in concrete structures. The WindowLink can be placed outside or within the building, creating easy access for window maintenance.

  • Non obtrusive concrete anchor designed to swivel 360 degrees.
  • Built in shock absorber.
  • Discreet stainless steel cover.
  • Designed to be chemically anchored.
  • Tested to Australian New Zealand Standards.

A perfect height safety equipment solution in our current climate protecting our investments and working at heights safely.