Concrete Mounted Roof Anchors

SafetyLink’s concrete mounted anchors are an extremely versatile anchor with a number of different eyebolt/insert combinations. The eyebolt range starts with SafetyLink’s Standard Eyebolt which is designed for fall arrest, it’s long tapered stem is designed to absorb energy while arresting a fall therefore reducing the load off the structure and the person in the event of a fall.

Alternatively SafetyLink’s Abseiling Eyebolt is a fall arrest rope access anchor which uses the same tapered concept as the standard eyebolt but incorporates a shorter design enabling the eyebolt to withstand a live load without activating the bending motion that occurs when arresting a fall. Where a low profile design is more desirable a Collared Eyebolt can be used to achieve this.

SafetyLink’s designs represent a perfect engineered solution for working at heights and roof safety fall protection.

• Fall arrest and rope access anchor.
• Multi-directional fall protection.
• 316 Stainless Steel.
• Single person anchors.
• Rated at 15kN.
• Must be chemically fastened.

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